Financial advice on the purchase of your house.

With more than 20 years selling properties, it is important to us that our clients have the opportunity tofinance a part of the purchase amount with a mortgage, if they would like to. From the beginning we investigated a number of reliable and solid banks and we have been already many years collaborating with the banks Nykredit and DNB Luxembourg and the most competitive and reliable Spanish banks, to the complete satisfaction of our clients. In the process of approval for a mortgage, a visit for the appraisal of the property is necessary which we will be coordinated by us and we will inform you during this process. On the day of signing the deeds at the notary, a representative of the bank that supplies you the mortgage will be present as well as we will be accompany you.

Both with the purchase of your new home in Spain, as well as with your insurance of your car, we can help you. It is important to know that our financial advisors, recommend you the best conditions and prices for the insurance of your new home and car..